Why Do You Need A Surveyor?

A boat or yacht is one of the larger investments that you will make. Whether you are buying or selling a boat or yacht, you need to protect that investment. You owe it to yourself to hire a competent Marine Surveyor to make sure that what you are buying is in the proper condition and that there aren’t any flaws that you don’t know about.

Would you buy a house without having an inspection? Of course not. And you shouldn’t buy a boat without a survey for the same reasons. Chances are that you’re not familiar with every type of system on a boat, so why not have someone who is trained and certified inspect it for you.

Using the latest equipment we inspect the following;

Electrical System (including Shore power and generator)              Hull Fittings

Fresh water and sanitation system                                                      Electronics

U.S.C.G. safety equipment                                                                Fuel system and tanks

Steering and running gear                                                                 Air conditioning

Hull integrity                                                                             Ground Tackle and deck fittings

inspect for prior damage/repairs                                                              Sea Trial

These are just part of the inspections that would be performed to ensure that the vessel is not only safe to operate but is worth the stated value. We provide a detailed written report with each survey that outlines all of the items checked and their deficiencies as noted.

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“Do yourself a favor…..Hire a surveyor”

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